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If West Bay continues to work at the well site, they may be in violation of the township's moratorium. If you see them operating, please immediately notify the township and OSHA (Scio: 734-369-9400; OSHA: 1-800-321-OSHA). WRITE DOWN your complaint, the date and time, and who you spoke with. Then send that to us by mail or email, so we can keep track. Click the link below for a printable form (PDF) to use to document complaints. Please complete this form and submit it to Scio Township, and send us a copy if you can. 

Scio Township Ordinance Violation/Complaint Form

Sens. Brandenburg and Rocca, representing Macomb County (Shelby Township), introduced a bill today that would change the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act (NREPA, which MEPA is part of) for townships with over 70,000 residents and preventing wells within 450 feet of residences.

There's a lot to learn about what's going on with oil in Scio, and we're here to help you sort through it. As the citizens' group on the ground, we are the group that's in the know about what's happening, and we can tell you what we're doing about it. We'll make a brief informational talk to your homeowners' association, your neighborhood, your group of friends, etc., followed by Q&A. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 734-821-6888 to ask us or to learn more.

If you live near the site of the first proposed oil well (which has not yet been approved), we recommend that you get your well water tested to establish a baseline.

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signSupport us by buying (and proudly wearing!) one of our t-shirts or displaying a yard sign (pictured). T-shirts (which feature our logo) and signs are $20 each. Please email your request to info@oilfreebackyards.org with "T-shirt" or "Yard Sign" as the subject. Please also include your phone number in the email so that we can arrange to get the sign or T-shirt to you. You can also arrange to get a sign or T-shirt by calling us at (734) 821-6888.

PETITION: Keep the Huron River and Our Communities Safe: Oppose Drilling for Oil and Gas in Scio Township

We've created a petition at change.org that you can sign to tell the MDEQ and others that you oppose oil exploration and drilling at the proposed well site and any future proposed sites in this area, or anywhere else there is unreasonable risk to communities and the environment. Please sign our petition and share with your friends; we are counting on your support to succeed. 


Change.org is a free yet powerful means of voicing our opposition to oil and gas drilling in Scio Township or anywhere else there is unreasonable risk to communities and the environment. Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards is not affiliated with change.org.

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Quite simply, we can't do this without you. Changing state law, while crucial to keeping oil out of Scio long-term, takes time—too much time to stop the currently proposed well. Township ordinances are critically important—but townships can't ban drilling. Your donation to Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards supports work that directly opposes oil drilling in Scio in a number of significant ways and enables us to take on the task of keeping Scio oil-free. Membership is $100, but additional donations beyond that amount are crucial to our success. We are hopeful you will join us in protecting our residents and our community through donating generously toward this worthy cause. Thank you for your support.

We have applied for federal tax-exempt status with the IRS. Your donation may be tax-deductible. Please consult with your individual tax advisor.